uQrew Revolutionizes Access, Management and Quality Control in the Manual Labor Industry

uQrew, a revolutionary “matchmaking” technology in the manual labor industry, announces an updated platform release . uQrew, available by desktop or mobile app, addresses the challenges of workforce  access, communication and quality control;  three of the biggest problems in manual labor industries including construction, painting, landscaping, roofing and other sectors.  Within the platform, companies and staffing agencies can instantly access talent, communicate in real-time and ensure worker quality is maintained.

The interface is simple and streamlined. Companies can create a profile and define their staffing needs including locations, skills required, pay rate, and experience.  Workers on the extensive uQrew network who match the criteria are instantly available  and companies can communicate with the prospects and add them to their own trusted “Qrew”. When workers are needed, companies submit requests with one click to all of their workforce network and workers are alerted on the mobile app to accept the opportunity. uQrew effectively eliminates the most time-consuming steps in the workforce placement process and reduces the effort needed to share information and manage workflows.

The platform also serves as a staffing management tool. Workers can log their hours which makes reports instantly available for payroll and supervisors rate the performance of workers on a merit system so that only the highest quality workers are kept in the company’s “Qrew”.  The dynamic features are ideal for companies to build a workforce or manage an existing labor team.

The benefits of this groundbreaking application also extend to workers by allowing them to create a profile outlining their skills and receive work opportunities matching their skills. The performance rating system also rewards workers who are high quality performers so that they receive the best opportunities in the uQrew network.

The creators behind the innovative app have over 30 years of experience in the manual labor market and understand the extensive challenges faced by both companies and workers.

“After living the endless hours and frustrations related to hiring and organizing my workforce – I had to find a better way. I teamed up with a group of experienced developers and together we created this application that has dramatically improved the efficiency in finding and managing our workforce which was consuming up to 50% of my time. With one click of a button I can now communicate and track our entire labor force and even submit labor requests to our staffing firms.  It has really changed the game for our workers as well who use uQrew to manage their jobs and communicate with supervisors. ” explains Ziv Gal, thought leader behind the uQrew mobile app.

To learn more about uQrew or to download the free app, visit www.uqrew.com or email info@uqrew.com.

About uQrew – Build a Qrew.  Run a Qrew. Join a Qrew.

Created by a 30-year industry expert, uQrew was founded with a mission to redefine the way workers and employers connect in the manual labor market.  For employers, it eliminates the high cost and challenges of finding top quality staff and the communication and administration challenges associated with dispatching, managing, and tracking the time of workers. For workers, it provides an efficient way to find work opportunities and to be matched with high quality employers.  uQrew’s rating system also allows workers, employers, and even staffing firms the ability to rate one another which significantly increases the quality of  trusted “Qrews”.

uQrew’s dynamic platform effectively eliminates the most time-consuming steps in the workforce placement and management process and reduces the effort needed to share information and manage workflows.

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