Mobile Application Solves Major Problems Faced by Companies That Rely on a Fluctuating Workforce

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Mobile Application Solves Major Problems Faced by Companies That Rely on a Fluctuating Workforce


Mobile Application Solves Major Problems Faced by Companies That Rely on a Fluctuating Workforce

Do you run a company that relies on a fluctuating workforce, but find it challenging to recruit quality people? Perhaps you are a worker who dreams of getting more local job  opportunities that fit your skills and your schedule? In either case, there is now an innovative mobile app that is revolutionizing the way companies and workers connect by addressing these and other major pain points.

With the uQrew app, companies can easily create the Qrews they need without wasting hours trying to track people down or taking chances with unknown workers. Workers within the app have detailed profiles that include their full skill set, performance ratings and certifications. Companies can also use the app to manage multiple Qrews at the same time with time tracking, communication and reporting features.  

The app is also popular with workers because they no longer have to solicit in all of the wrong places to  find local job offers. In fact, many workers who typically had to wait outside of businesses or supply store parking lots are excited about this safer alternative. This is especially true of workers who have been victims of scams by companies that would hire them but never pay them. With uQrew, workers can create a secure profile with their skills and review companies that are also rated before agreeing to join their Qrews.

uQrew offers the most relevant solution everseen by companies and workers in landscaping, painting, roofing, remodeling, security, and other fluctuating workforce industries. Workers can offer labor services and find  with a few clicks on any mobile device or web browser.

The app is as simple as it is revolutionary.

If you are a company struggling to find workers for projects and feel like you are wasting your time interviewing the wrong people, your best solution is also uQrew.

uQrew offers access to thousands of of talented personnel and you can communicate important instruction and updates to them in real time with just a few clicks inside the app.

Recruiters are also excited about the uQrew app. They can build and manage a work team, communicate with them and quickly cover any job the same way a company can. In fact, recruiters and companies enjoy using uQrew to check workers in and out of job sites and to track hours worked for each project. This works much better than traditional time cards and also integrates messaging features. The internal group chats within the app make it easy to communicate important, announcements and changes. In addition, the report features make it very easy to export  data from the app to manage payroll, job costs and other administrative tasks.

uQrew helps everyone get more done…faster.

uQrew is available on Google Play and iTunes. You can also follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Linkedin.

Click here to download the App on iTunes

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To learn more about uQrew, visit www.uqrew.com or email info@uqrew.com.

About uQrew – Build a Qrew.  Run a Qrew. Join a Qrew.

Created by a 30-year industry expert, uQrew was founded with a mission to redefine the way workers and employers connect in the manual labor market.  For employers, it eliminates the high cost and challenges of finding top quality staff and the communication and administration challenges associated with dispatching, managing, and tracking the time of workers. For workers, it provides an efficient way to find work opportunities and to be matched with high quality employers.  uQrew’s rating system also allows workers, employers, and even staffing firms the ability to rate one another which significantly increases the quality of  trusted “Qrews”.

uQrew’s dynamic platform effectively eliminates the most time-consuming steps in the workforce placement and management process and reduces the effort needed to share information and manage workflows.


Brad Stevens

Strategic Advisor