uQrew provides the platform for contract workers and companies to connect and maintain relationships with companies that can provide them work. uQrew allows you to Join as many company Qrews as you want to receive work invitations from. With uQrew you can receive multiple work invitations from different companies and decide where, when and for whom you want to work. You no longer need to chase the work but rather, it will come to you. By Joining a Qrew and taking control of your work schedule you can:

  • Access an open, national network of companies in your industry who are using uQrew services.
  • Review company profiles and request to join their Qrew if you wish to receive work from them.
  • Select when, where and which companies you want to work with by accepting work invitations
  • Team up with other workers or use the system to sub jobs out to other workers
  • Remove companies from your Qrew if you no longer want to do business with them.

Contact us today, if you have any questions, and download the app for your device and allow us to help you “Get your job done”.

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Find Work Where You Are Located


The Reasons You’ll Love It


Enter your location and set your travel radius


With uQrew, you can set up a traveling radius, so you can control how far you want to travel for work.

Work When You Can

Choose the times that you can work.

When you Can

With uQrew, you can choose the days that you are available so that you can work during times that are convenient to you.

Choose Companies

Choose the companies that you like.

Choose Companies

With uQrew, you can choose the companies that you want to work for through the app’s rating system.

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