The system is location based and the bid will automatically go to the contractors that designated your location as their work area.

You only get charged if you generate or forward a bid and it was accepted by your subcontractors.  Once a subcontractor accepts the bid, you will get charged based on rates that are published on our website.

We do not make any representation on behalf of the users of the system.  Rather, we provide the platform.  It is every company’s sole responsibility to qualify the other contractors they are doing business with.

You can sign up for as many skills as you would like.

All transactions are final and no refunds will be allowed.  It is the sole responsibility of each company to do the due diligence and vet the contractors.

All of the charges are done through credit card.

You can access the “Available Qrews” tab, review the registered contractors’ profiles and invite the ones that you like to join your Qrew.

You can add team members using the “More” tab.  When adding a team member, you can define their roll and set up their user permissions.

The app allows you to select from various skills you can offer.

uQrew is an on-demand Workforce Access and Management Platform. Available by desktop or mobile app, it addresses the challenges of workforce access, communication and quality control; three of the biggest problems in manual labor industries including construction, painting, landscaping, roofing and other sectors.
Within the platform, companies can instantly access talent, communicate in real-time and ensure worker quality is maintained. Workers can set up individual profiles to receive local job offers that match featured skills. For sub-contractors, they can both source and manage workers along with receiving work request opportunities.

You can find it and download it on the App Store or Google Play Store. It is compatible with Android and Apple products.

Yes you can create a profile online or sign up via the web here: 

The creation of a profile is free. Workers can find work for free. Employers pay a small fee only after they recruit and manage workers within the app

See list of skills tab