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Our Story

The APP was created by the owner of various construction companies after 30 years of frustration over the gap in the available resources for his companies. He spent increasingly more of his day dealing with the hiring, placing, managing and administrating contract workers and employees throughout his company of 200+ workers. There was no good one-stop solution for this challenge that would make this process more organized and simple, so he decided to do something about it.

He teamed up with a group of seasoned developers and together they developed a comprehensive solution that will make every business and worker’s life easier. Over a period of 2 years, the uQrew software was developed and implemented into his own company’s operations.

It became a complete game changer in efficiency, time and financial gains for the creator and it can do the same for you!

Contact us today, if you have any questions, and download the app for your device and allow us to help you “Get your job done”.

Build a Qrew. Run a Qrew. Join a Qrew. Do it all with one convenient app. Download it for FREE!

uQrew is for you if:

-You struggle with managing fluctuating workforce needs for changing workloads.

-The growing number of phone calls and texts it takes to manage a contract workforce has become overwhelming.

-You need to manage your workforce on the go from mobile devices as well as your desktop.

-As a worker you want opportunities to come to you instead of looking for them and if you want a way to vet a company through the ratings of previous workers before accepting work from them.

-Your supervisors need a way to check workers in on the job, recording time and quickly running production reports for payment.

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